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Critiquing a Kiss



A kiss can be a quick little peck

On nose, on cheek, or even the neck.

      It can also be a meeting of lips,

      With action sweet, like gentle sips.

But today it’s a bath — sloppy and wet,

With who’ll swallow who, cause for a bet.

Like piranhas attacking a side of beef

They gobble and suck beyond belief.

They go on and on, as if they can’t stop,

Sounding like pigs at a trough full of slop.

      I’ll take my kisses as they used to be,

      Gentle and pleasant and thrilling to me.

If kissed like today, I’d yell, “Please quit!”

And  “Hand me a towel to mop up the spit.”


8/5/90m – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck 


4’th …Arkansas NPD 1992

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