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Looking from my big back porch

I see the woods out back

And leading to its shelter

I see a faint deer track

In a nice secluded spot

A doe and fawn now sleep

Opossums, skunks, and raccoons

Are in its leafy deep


Birds find haven in the woods

Their love songs fill the air

While frogs, toads, and even bugs

Find food and shelter there

A bear sits in a hollow oak

Eating nectar of the bees

Squirrels scamper here and there

Among the other trees


Underneath a bramble bush

Is a little brown hare

Hiding her nest of babies

Because it’s safer there

Sitting in the tallest tree

Is a big-eyed screech owl

Watching all that lies below

With his feathery scowl


The sun dapples a worn path

Berries grow everywhere

Flowering plants hug a stream

Their scents perfume the air

The woods out back teem with life

And I love to walk the floor

Beneath its great leafy boughs

Through its great open door


12/21/88    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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At the end of the day

            When the sun’s last ray

                        Is just a sliver of light

Darkness starts to descend

            To signal day’s end

                        And the earth nods into night


Day’s fragrance is rent

            By night’s earthly scent

                        Daylight beds down with a yawn

As dusk takes away

            The heat of the day

                        The curtain of night is drawn


Heaven’s jewels wink down

            From their heavenly crown

                        The landscape’s kissed by the moon

While the frogs and bugs

            On their lily pad rugs

                        Compose a melodious tune


Fireflies wing by

            As the breeze gives a sigh

                        Birds settle down for the night

While an owl in a tree

            Winks flirtatiously

                        Then spreads his wings in flight


A cloud in the sky

            Drifts lazily by

                        And then it shadows the moon

That strange mournful plea

            Near a lakeside tree

                        Is just the call of a loon


Like strings of wee beads

            On webs in the weeds

                        Dew jewels silken threads

Flowers here and there

            Bow crowns as in prayer

                        Nodding their beautiful heads


As night settles down

            She puts on her gown

                        To cloak earth’s sleepy breast

For it’s part of God’s plan

            And a blessing to man

                        That we’re given this time of rest


6/23/72        Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Nature’s Symphony



Listen to the sounds of night

  Such matchless orchestration

Hear those tiny creatures

  Employ their syncopation


Birds sing bedtime vespers

  Mosquitoes hum along

Beetles click their castanets

  As night breaks into song


Crickets tune their fiddles

  As bullfrogs start to drum

Cicadas add a shrill whir

  And there is more to come


Dragonflies rattle crisp wings

  As they dart out of reach

A watching owl gives forth

  A high vibrato screech


An old oak tree creaks a bit

  Adding a note or two

Its leaves tap, tap a window

  Making their band debut


An earlier rain contributes

  A gentle rhythmic sound

As drops of rain plink, plink, plink

  From leaves onto the ground


As evening starts its tune-up

  Sounds blend in harmony

And the orchestration that is heard

  Is Nature’s Symphony



04/20/86 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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