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I want to thank everyone who has read my poetry over this past year and a half and especially those who have made comments. While my daughter handles the actual posting and site, the poetry is all mine and she forwards every comment to me to read and respond to.

Your comments have meant the world to me. I have printed each and every one of them and I feel as if I have made a difference in the world, in a smile, a tear and in a heart. Thank you all.

Everytime I pass a mirror and catch that glimpse of an old lady, I say, “Who is that? It surely can’t be me? While I only feel 26/36/46 years old.” Well, I am 88 years old and currently beginning to feel every moment of it.

I have a four heart valve insufficiency. I hate using oxygen twenty-four hours a day. I hate losing that old “zip.” I liked it much better when my husband complained about not being able to keep up with me. He passed in 1998. My son passed in 1993. While I have two daughters, one in Arizona, and one in Indiana, I feel rather alone lately and you have all enriched my life and let me know I am not alone.

I am currently working on my life story. It is not that it is all that interesting to anyone but family, but it is something I want to finish. There were some interesting spots, like the time Al Capone pulled into our driveway to recruit my father, who made the best bath tub gin in Hammond, Indiana. I also have a lot of funny family stories to put down for posterity.

In the meantime, while I have worked on a few poems, I will not be actively posting. My daughter will keep you posted on my health. I may be moving from my apartment, back into her home as my heart weakens. But, my thoughts are always with you and I thank each of you for stopping by.

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Oh, to start anew!


When we are young
Time goes so slow
Seems we can’t wait
To mature and grow

When we are old
Seems time just flew
We’d like to go back
And start anew

2/12/90 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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My how time flys



When we are young

Time goes so slow

Seems we can’t wait

To mature and grow


When we are old

Seems time just flew

We’d like to go back

And start anew


2/12/90       Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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I know my hair has turned snow-white,

And I walk rather slow.

I know that I’m forgettin’ things

You think that I should know.                                                         


I do get rather grumpy now.                                                   

Well, just a tiny touch.                                                  

Yes, wrinkles decorate my face,                                             

And weight’s a bit too much.                                                 


But I want to advocate right now,                       

T.V. needs cleanin’ up – – –

You think I’m harking back to days

They used a mustache cup.


I loath what’s rap, both song and dance,

With  tunes that can’t be sung.

And potty–mouths and disrespect,

Now coming from the young.


If we used words  like kids today,

For us there was no hope – –

Since Mom marched us in the house

And washed our mouths with soap.


In every form of programed fare,

Breast-bulge and bare backside                    

Jiggle and wiggle and “flash” us all,

And the men are goggle-eyed.                    


Now, I’m not sayin’ it’s ugly,

But in case you didn’t know,

We had those things from Eve to now,

But we didn’t let ‘em show.  



9/24/06      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Now that Aunty Lil is old

She does as she would please.

Like wearing dreadful purple clothes,

With hose rolled to her knees.


She wears her hair in bun or braid

Bound with bands of blue.

She wears lace collars on her clothes.

Her slip hangs quite askew.


She scuffs around in slippered feet,

Wrinkled socks and dress.

Her chin is whiskered white and black 

In fact, she looks a mess.


Sometimes she wears a knitted shawl

And old sun-bonnet, too.

I’ve seen her smoke a corn-cob pipe

And cheek a little chew.


But on her wall, in hand carved frame,

I see her long ago

When she was young and beautiful,

Dressed fine, from head to toe.


She bowed to style for 50 years

And is often heard to say,

“I wasted years on foolishness,

And much prefer today.


“Inside, I’m what I’ve always been.

There’s been no change in me.

I’ve just relaxed and put myself

Where I have yearned to be.”


Perhaps I’ll be like Aunty Lil,

(Without the pipe and chew).

When I get old and feel like her,

I’ll roll my socks down, too.


11/04/2000 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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