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          MY AFFAIR


I have a love affair with words.

I love the way they sound,

And I let them roll off my tongue

When no one is around.


And, oh, how I’m inclined to rhyme

Since I was just a child,

Keeping note pads filled with words

And certain phrases filed.


I love the early morning hours

When mind is fresh and bright,

To put my words together

And work my rhymes just right.


I’ve tried to write in other forms

Like those called Blank and Free,

But  lose control of mind and pen,

And rhyme possesses me.


When I see words like frolicsome

And prance or captivates,

It’s such a welcome challenge

To find them rhyming mates.


As I live my daily routine,

A sound, a smell, a sight

Set poetry gears in motion

Which run from morn ’til night.


A piece of paper isn’t safe

If I’m around with pen.

My hand was trained for writing verse

Since I was nine or ten.


Oh, woe is me, I just went blank!

What rhymes with billet-doux?

I need a fix of phrase or word,

Please help!  Merci-beaucoup.


10/20/90    Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


4’th … PAW (in Pa) – 1991

5’th … PAW (in Pa) – 1992

4’th … Indiana NPD – 2000

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