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Summer flaunts its mighty splendor
As it paints the heavens red —
Polishes up the diamond skies
And full moon overhead.

Then morning opens up its eyes
At the sun’s first golden ray
The world awakens, to enjoy
A marvelous summer day

It scatters flowers everywhere
Across earth’s counterpane,
And ripples small drowsy streams
With warm gentle rain.

There’s sweet melodic melodies
By scores of nesting birds,
Joined by frog’s percussion beats – –
And all it lacks are words.

The scent of lilac’s rich perfume
Floats softly on the air …
All part of summer’s sweet caress.
God’s gift of summer fare

8/8/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Sometimes it feels like heaven

In the middle of July

A gift of rain to cool things down

And a rainbow in the sky       


Sometimes I hear sweet melodies

When chaos is around

It happens when a small child laughs

It’s heaven in a sound


Sometimes I glimpse perfection

When a mother tends her child

She wraps the child in selfless love

I’ve seen  it when she smiled


Sometimes people just look down

And watch what lies below

While others raise their heads up high

To see the rainbow’s glow


Sometimes I think we just forget

That if we really care

We’ll see God’s beauty – if we look

For Heaven’s everywhere.


5/28/00              Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


3’rd … Arkansas NPD – 2000

5’th. … Indiana NPD – 2001

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