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Remember, Dear, when we first met?

‘Twas in the rain, we both were wet.

I laughed at you — you chided me.

It’s all still fresh in memory.


We ducked into a Coffee Shop

To see if soon the rain would stop.

And there we spent much time in talk,

Forgotten was our daily walk.


We talked of fun, and home, and work

And also things that we both shirk.

Discussed were future hopes and dreams.

We covered everything, it seems.


We learned we both love kids a lot.

We like our coffee steaming hot.

You love small dogs and I do, too.

And I love nature, just like you.


We both shed tears at something sad,

And when we goof, we laugh like mad.

Our taste in music is the same,

And neither one is bent on fame.


The more we talked we seemed as one,

And after all was said and done,

We knew right then that in our roles

We must be destined kindred souls.


We hoped the rain would never stop,

But soon we saw the last wet drop.

We said goodbye, but not for long,

That falling rain was love’s sweet song.      


2/26/95     Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


5’th … Arkansas  NPD 1997

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