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It was my goal to post a poem each day for a year, so I apologize for missing yesterday. I am currently in Wisconsin attending the wedding of a great-granddaughter. She happens to be the daughter of my oldest grandson, a wonderful man, who had the good fortune (or was it sense?) to marry a fantastic woman. And, true to form, they gave me a special great-granddaughter.



So, this is for Mary and Derrick. (Who fits right in with all the other adjectives, because he is funny, charming and intelligent.) I wish you two the best and I know you will have a long, and happy life together.


For Derrick and Mary


It was several long years ago

That Derrick and Mary met.

They felt a kinship from the start —

From that, a pattern set.         


He loved her quiet demure ways

And her mass of auburn hair.

She loved the way he whistled songs,

And followed him everywhere.


They wed when friendship turned to love.

And will raise a family.

Their love remaining throughout the years,

Enriched by harmony.


August 8, 2008 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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