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Tighten up those fiddle strings,        

Loosen up that bow.

Tap your foot to keep the time,

And pluck that old banjo.


Thump the big bull-fiddle

Tease that mandolin,

Add some strumming from guitars,

So dancing will begin.


Play some lively get down tunes,

To get them on the floor,

And don’t forget some mood sets,

So they’ll start yelling, MORE!.


Fill the room with country music.

Have a gent and lady sing. 

Let the floor fill up with dancers

Promenading ‘round the ring.


The music is delightful –

Square dance, line dance, waltz,

And for the sweethearts in the crowd,

A bit of good old shmaltz.


The choice of stringed instruments

Has made a perfect blend,

Truly pleasing everyone …

But that is country trend.


8/3/05      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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In honor of my brother, Ed




There were mandolins and banjos

And guitars that he had played

But what he loved the best of all

Was a violin he’d made


His craftsmanship was perfect

He played them all with skill

Music filled his heart with joy

But now those strings are still


The violin lies silently

In its case upon a shelf

I’d take it out and make it sing

If I had his skill myself


But no one made it sing like him

The melodies so sweet

His bow caressed the strings with love

But the memory’s bittersweet


For he has gone where Angels sing

His music left behind

Yet, I still hear those sweet refrains

But only in my mind


Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck        7/1/03

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