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Because man loves veal



He stands in his waste in a darkened stall,

His world ‘til death, dirty rails and barn wall.

He’s never to run or frolic at all.


Imprisoned before his first natural meal,

Life dealt the calf an unfortunate deal.

He’ll stay there ‘til death, because man loves VEAL.


8/28/90              Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Who we are



Some are black and some are brown

Some smile lots and some just frown

Some are yellow and some are white

Some behave, while others fight

Some are short and some are tall

And listen here, that’s not all

Some are fat and some are lean

And some are somewhere in between

Some are young and some are old

Some are loving, and some are cold

Some are industrious, and some are not

Some are stingy – some share a lot

Some are weak and some are strong

Some have short tempers – some have long

Some are honest and some tell lies

Some act stupid – others, wise

This is a picture of Creature Man

A small cog in God’s Great Plan

Here comprising a multitude

But only here for an interlude

He’s given a code of DO’s and DON’Ts

But a free choice of WILLs and WON’Ts

It’s up to him how he chooses to go

And whether or not he’ll spiritually grow

And when his time on earth is o’er

He’ll leave this life for evermore

But if his Soul-growth is done

The game of life will be won


11/15/78               Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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