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The Ballad of Little Nell



Hear my voice upon the wind

Crying, sighing without end

Mother, Father, find me please

Where I lie beneath the trees


I chased a rabbit while at play

And then somehow I lost my way

Panic filled my heart with fear

I called to you, you did not hear


The night got dark; I could not see

And snow swirled down and covered me

I shivered long, my tears then froze

Feeling left my hands and toes


I called once more, and then I slept

Along my body death then crept

And then I heard an angel sing

My soul arose beneath her wing


Out in the woods there lies a mound

Waiting there where I’ll be found

The snow will melt some sunny day

You’ll find the child that lost her way


Please take me home and bury me

Beneath our weeping willow tree

Plant some flowers near my head

To mark the spot where I lie dead


Mother, Father, find me, please

Where I lie beneath the trees

Still my voice upon the wind

So my saga sees an end


7/15/99      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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