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When Uncle Jeb was in his prime

And chose to settle down,

He found a piece of land up north,            

Several miles from town.                                    


He’d say it was “the good old days” –

A nearly perfect life,

For he was busy every day

On a homestead for his wife.


Across the lake were lodge-pole pines,

Just perfect for his needs.

He rowed across to cut some down,

Then trudged through waist-high weeds.                                             


He cut down three, to float across,

Not so with number four,

It knocked him down and trapped his leg

There on the forest floor.


Since Jeb was trapped and injured

At waning of the day,

His Collie, Shag, stayed by his side,

To chase the wolves away.


But night’s dark curtain, beckoned..

The wolves would soon come back.

Though Shag would fight his best for him,

He couldn’t lick a pack.


Jeb unsheathed his skinner knife

To set himself free, …

Cutting through the mashed bone

Just below the knee.


He crawled and slithered to the boat,

And rowed himself back home,

Then rode a horse ten miles to town,

Down trails he used to roam.


That’s Uncle Jeb’s  story

About how he lost his limb..

I believed it when a child – but,

Could it be a tale GRIMM?


8/28/05      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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