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I have a colorful garden
With flowers in great array
Wild beauties in rich profusion
So vibrant in display

I didn’t plant a single thing
God placed them where they grow
Just beyond my pristine lawn
So I enjoy their show

There is lupine and pink primrose
And beautiful shooting stars
There are daisies by the dozens
I place in old fruit jars

I have tall Indian paintbrush
And cardinal flowers, too
Coneflowers stand majestically
As arbutus trails through

Daylilies in their brightest orange
And deep-hued violets
I have columbine and trillium
And tiny white bluets

There’s lobelia, blue to purple
Some morning glory banks
And sunflowers bowing heavy heads . . .
Now I bow mine in thanks

9/5/01 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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