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The precious threads of memory

          That link us to the past

Become a treasured Golden Chain

          That time cannot outlast


For time but serves to strengthen

          And adds to that Golden Chain

As memories, long forgotten

          Are remembered once again


God gave the gift of memory

          But the chain is ours to weave

Its strength, its length, its beauty

          Is what we must then achieve


Repay the precious gift He gave

          With the very best of you

Weave your chain with links of love

          As God would have you do


For each deed done, rewards you with

          A link that you retain

And also adds a link or two

          In another’s Golden Chain


So treasure every happy link

          Each poignant golden thread

And lovingly link those gone before

          With those that lie ahead


11/12/67        Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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