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            PASSING MY PRIME


It’s been said life slips away much too fast,

And all that’s left are echoes of the past.

I thought, they can’t be right about old age,

For I will dance forever on life’s stage.

I felt challenged to accept in good grace

These wrinkles running rampant on my face.

The aches and pains that trouble here and there

Are minor problems I have learned to bear.

The years of dye that keeps my hair dark red

Hide strands of silver growing on my head.

I don’t embrace the ravages of time

Though I am past the point considered prime.

          I’d like to think that what they say are lies,

          But this old body’s saying otherwise.


11/21/95    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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           DAVID’S BATTLE


I was there when you made your entrancedavidcurlonhead-jpg

into this world, your eyes blinking

against the brightness and sensations

of your surroundings.  Your tiny tadpole

belly heaved as you screamed in protest

at this sudden change in your existence,

but ready to take on life

with all its complexities.

I held you in my arms, marveling

at your perfection.  You were my dear

design in life, and filled your space

perfectly.  As I held you close I could

feel the steady beat of your tiny heart

and feel your soft breath upon my cheek.

We bonded, just as life promises,

and I could not conceive of losing you.

Now, forty-eight years later, I hold

your hand as you struggle to stay

in this world.  Barely aware of life

around you.  Wires and tubes keeping

you alive.  A machine giving you the breath

that once came so naturally on its own.

I kiss you for the last time, and I

release you from your promise not to die,

as I watch the line on the monitor

flatten.  I wish that I could take your

place against this insidious Goliath,

but such choices are not ours to make.

I will keep you with me in memory,

where cancer is just an ugly word,

powerless to inflect its indignities

upon those so undeserving.  Powerless

to rob us of those we love.  Fly away

to that wonderful land of promise, Son,

where those you love will someday join

you for a blessed reunion.

Until then, soar among the stars

where the beyond is like our dreams.


Ever in my heart … Always in my mind.

I love you, Son.


11/90 to 2/93    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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