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Lesson Learned


Each time Bengy went to town
He stole something small
He thought he was quite clever
But that isn’t all . . .

He’d say, “It doesn’t matter
Because everyone knows
The store won’t even miss it
Since they have lots of those”

But Bengy learned a lesson
And I’m sure he learned it well
For someone finally stole from him
And you should have heard him yell

You see, he had some treasures
(A model car collection)
And it took much time and money
For each prized selection

But someone just like Bengy
With the same point of view
Said, “He has so many small cars
He won’t miss a few”

So he stole some favored models
Which Bengy thought a sin
He thought it mean and quite unfair
That someone stole from him

Then Bengy remembered wise words
He’d heard from his mother
That it’s always wrong to take things
That belong to another

So he promised he would nurture
Those seeds his Mom had sown
And never again as years passed by
Take what was not his own

4/13/81 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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