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It was many long years ago

That Dan and Irma met.

They felt a kinship from the start —

From that, a pattern set.         


He loved her quiet demure ways

And her mass of golden hair.

She loved the way he whistled songs,

And followed him everywhere.


Dan taught her how to fish and swim,

In Crazy Woman Creek,

Where they wiled away summer days

Several times a week.                       


They wed when friendship turned to love.

And raised a family.

Their love remained throughout the years,

Enriched by harmony.


When her golden hair turned silver,

And he was bent with age,

He’d tell everyone their story had

Just turned another page.


Then, well into those aging years

Her memory disappeared.

Soon Irma moved to Nursing Care,

The thing that Dan most feared.


He went to see her every day,

Though she knew him not at all.

He’d whistle softly as she smiled —

He hoped it meant recall.


But that silken thread from the past,

Was the only memory had.

When others pointed that fact out,

His countenance was sad.


When someone  said, “She knows you not.”,

His eyes were quick to blur.

Then brushing away a tear, he’d say,                                             

“But I remember her.


Then one day, the two were found,

Just as they had yearned.

They joined each other for the end.                                                                                      

As the last page was turned.  


8/24/05        Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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