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Killer’s what we call our hound,
But he betrays his name …
While serving as a guard dog
He greets them all, the same.

All comers to our big front door
Are greeted with a kiss,
Then he bellies-up for a rub
With a grand look of bliss.

He’s as gentle as a kitten
And wouldn’t harm a fly.
If I command, “Go get ’em, dog!”,
He collapses with a sigh.

And if he feels I’m threatened,
He’ll take a great big breath,
And knock them down with his big paws,
Then slobber them to death.

6/2/94 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

2’nd … Indiana NPD (1995)
7’th … N F S P S (2002)

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Cats and Dogs



It was a cold blustery night

When I heard a pitiful mew

There at the door was a kitten

Shivering and nose turned blue


Snow covered his tiny body

So I brushed the poor little stray

Then I wrapped him up in a towel

‘Til his shivering went away


He drank warm milk from a saucer

Then he cleaned his whiskered fur

And then he jumped upon my lap

Where he settled down to purr


Dawg sniffed the little ball of fur

And grunted his consent

The cat curled up by Dawg’s big chest

And went to sleep content


3/17/00     Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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The puppy piddled on the floor

And then he did a little more

The kitten snagged my favorite chair

There’s cat and dog hair everywhere


The dog chews everything he sees

And spends much time just scratching fleas

The cat climbs drapes and jumps on stuff

Oh, having them is mighty rough


They let you know you’re there to serve

They do it fast, with guile and verve

Before you know it, you’re on a hook

And they can do that with one look


But I’m rewarded every day

When they get tired of games to play

They curl upon my lap to sleep

Entwined in one small furry heap


2/10/00 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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