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‘Tis the evening of Christmas and in our old house
The snoring shakes windows . . . I speak of my spouse
He said he’s exhausted, though not one to shirk
He just looked on, as I did the work

I purchased and wrapped ….. ‘twas left up to me
Baked cookies galore and put up the tree
Now the kids are playing with a few old toys
The new ones are broken; so much for new joys

The floor is quite messy with boxes and bows
And discarded ribbons . . . along with new clothes
New puppy just did what puppies do best
He wet on the floor, his hourly quest.

The fireplace clogged – I was choking on smoke
My husband kept snoring and never awoke
The tree got knocked over – I cleaned up the mess
What happens next, is anyone’s guess

Hot chocolate spilled from a broken mug
And cookies got ground right into the rug
The turkey’s a carcass, the leftover’s, few
I’m left with the dishes, but that’s nothing new

And out in the kitchen where pans are piled high
I scrub and I scour, and I sigh . . . and I sigh
Am I tired? You bet! I’ve stayed up too late
So fell fast asleep with my face in my plate

We waited all year for this wonderful day
And I’m glad that the next one’s A FULL YEAR AWAY

11/22/95 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck
(revised 12/02)

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This poem is in progress. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on this one.

(From My Youth)

In memory of my Mother
I write this little poem
On how she nurtured all us kids
And made our house “feel” home

There were many happy moments
When we’d sit on the swing
I’d ask for all my favorite songs
While urging her to sing

And she’d sing those old-time ditties
That so amused us all
We’d ask to hear them many times
When we were very small

Other poignant memories
That I would never trade
Are Sunday noon’s family fun
And countless games we played

We learned to be good losers
But gracious winners, too
That quarreling settled nothing
Advice we all found true

She gave us all a chance to win
And when the games were done
We made fudge or “skillet candy”
While sharing kitchen fun

She laughed with us, and cried with us
And shared our childish woes
With big doses of sage advice
That a wise mother knows

08-31-09 Poem in Progress

Phyllis Adair DeWitt-VanVleck

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A Limerick for your morning



Poor Mother was out of their league

When the kids were bent on intrigue

She broke into tears

And covered her ears

Suffering from tattle fatigue


9/4/91          Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


3’rd … Miss. CWG 1994

1’st … Indiana NPD 1994

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Remember, Dear, when we first met?

‘Twas in the rain, we both were wet.

I laughed at you — you chided me.

It’s all still fresh in memory.


We ducked into a Coffee Shop

To see if soon the rain would stop.

And there we spent much time in talk,

Forgotten was our daily walk.


We talked of fun, and home, and work

And also things that we both shirk.

Discussed were future hopes and dreams.

We covered everything, it seems.


We learned we both love kids a lot.

We like our coffee steaming hot.

You love small dogs and I do, too.

And I love nature, just like you.


We both shed tears at something sad,

And when we goof, we laugh like mad.

Our taste in music is the same,

And neither one is bent on fame.


The more we talked we seemed as one,

And after all was said and done,

We knew right then that in our roles

We must be destined kindred souls.


We hoped the rain would never stop,

But soon we saw the last wet drop.

We said goodbye, but not for long,

That falling rain was love’s sweet song.      


2/26/95     Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


5’th … Arkansas  NPD 1997

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