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Stars, warm night, and romantic moon
Promise love in the month of June
Kissing the earth, Old Man in the Moon
Prompting romance in the month of June
Big flirt, Old Man in the Moon
Winking through clouds in month of June
If I could sing, the song I’d croon
Would be a sweet “I love you” tune
Winking his eye, Old Man in the Moon
Flirting now with the month of June

4/20/90 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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       CLASS REUNION           


It’s our High School Class Reunion,

And we are gathered here

To renew old bonds and friendships

And memories we’ve held dear.


Will we recognize our classmates

Once so lean and spry,

Now showing life’s sad changes

From years that seemed to fly?


For time has grayed most every head,

With some as white as snow,

And destroyed the hair on some heads

So shiny scalps now show.


And some of us have put on weight.

Yes, I am one of those.

There’s furrowed brows and double chins;

There’s bunions on our toes.


Some middles display so much girth

That belts are worn half-mast

And many eyes are framed and lensed

So fading sight will last.


Just look at all those dentured smiles

And orthopedic shoes.

And look at all that wrinkled skin …

Time sure does sing the blues.


I scan the room, but I’m perplexed,

For faces look so strange.

The ones I thought I’d recognize

Are showing too much change.


It’s really true! The chunky one,

With apple dumpling face,

Was once our Beauty Queen of note,

Thin and full of grace

And what about the gent with cane,

Unsteady on his feet?

If I am right, he used to be

Our favorite athlete.


I look aound at everyone.

I guess we’re all the same,

For youth no longer favors us

In life’s elusive game.


But men will offer handshakes.

The girls will surely hug.

We’ll sing and dance and reminisce

And feel our heartstrings tug.


Then we’ll finish off the evening

By raising glasses high,

In toast to youthful High School years,

Dear friends … a fond goodbye.


4/29/92 –Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


Used by Griffith, Indiana High School Classes of ‘40 and ‘41,and requested for use by two other classes.

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