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Wonderful little newcomer
Precious baby boy
A very special someone
Who fills my heart with joy

I’m wound around his finger
(Small as it may be)
I’m taken with his darling smile
When he looks at me

He’s given me a title
I’ve never had before
But Grandma is a special word
And I couldn’t love it more

I’m sure he is the handsomest
And most intelligent, too
And, of course, he is the sweetest
I swear to you, it’s true

I’m loaded with his photographs
Which I show to everyone
So they all know he’s holder of
This heart of mine he’s won

An unforgettable memory
Is that most wonderful day
The birth of my first GRANDchild
A rose in my bouquet

P.S. JR’s Birthday is actually September 6th. Sorry I missed it.
Phyllis VanVleck

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