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Elizabeth was very ill
At times she softly cried
Her Mom felt the child’s pain
So rarely left her side

While sitting there beside the bed
Mom’s silver needle flew
With silken thread, through scraps of cloth
And buttons that were blue

The scraps were joined with such finesse
A soft rag doll took shape
With button eyes and long yarn hair
And dressed in gown and cape

The doll was placed in small limp arms
That seemed to strengthen then
The child smiled and hugged the doll
And went to sleep again

Elizabeth’s fever broke that night
And in the morning light
Her Mom saw magic in the doll
As her child held it tight

The child knew Mom made the doll
While sitting by her bed
She knew of love in every stitch
Without a word being said

She also knew that in Mom’s heart
There was a special place
With love unlike no other love
And it mirrored in her face

Through the years, that old rag doll
Was favored over all
And now it’s honored regally
On a shelf upon the wall

It’s a memory from her childhood
When she was very ill
And she realized a depth of love
That remains with her still

I know it’s true, because you see . . .
That old rag doll belongs to me

8/29/03 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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