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Was the taste of life sweeter

When I was just a kid

I believe there was more pleasure

In the simple things we did


Candy was more delicious

Than today, anywhere

And ice cream was a great treat

Because it was so rare

An orange in our Christmas sock

Was a very tasty treat

All of the oranges since that time

Could never taste as sweet


Toys were very simple then

Of wood, and metal, too

And they were really treasured

Because there were so few

A wooden top and marbles

A simple checker set

A composition baby doll

That didn’t even wet


I don’t recall getting bored

Like children of today

We always made our own fun

When we wished to play

There was Hopscotch and Jump-rope

And, of course, Hide and Seek

A continuous game of “You’re It”

Which carried on all week


Old inner-tubes were treasured

And the source of great fun

When cut into rubber bands

For a handmade wooden gun

There were roller skate scooters

Tin can walking-cleats

And wooden stilts for the brave

All, for childish feats


I’d like to step back in time

And greet it with a smile

Reliving joys of childhood

For just a little while


3/11/89    Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


2’nd … Indiana NPD 1999

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Little children love daisy-rings

        Huge truck tire swings                            

        Wet snowball fights                 

        June’s firefly lights

They love all gentle dogs and cats

        Baseballs and bats

        Pink bubble-gum

        A song to hum

They love the fun that summer brings

        Balloons on strings

        Ferris wheel rides

        Big swings and slides

And children love clowns and parades

        Small swaps and trades

        Kites that fly high

        Stars in the sky

They love to lick big ice cream cones

        To throw small stones

        To laugh with glee

        To climb a tree

They love blowing dandelion fluff

        Collecting stuff

        Making mud-pies

        Dozens of WHY’S

And children love to test and tease

        And hug and squeeze . . .

        Right from the start

        They win your heart

Children Love!


2/6/89       Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


5’th … Indiana NPD 1990

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He doesn’t hear his Mother call

When he’s engrossed in play.

He doesn’t hear a thing she says,

Like, “Clean your room today.”


But when she whispers to his Dad,

“McDonald’s where we’ll eat,”

If he’s a block away he’ll come

Like fire’s at his feet.


When Mother asks, “Is homework done?”

Or, “Did you break this vase?”

It seems the child has gone stone-deaf.

No clue’s upon his face.


But when there’s secrets to be told

Mom hopes he has not heard,

His hearing is acute, of course,

He heard each whispered word.


When Mom commands, “Go wash your hands,”

Or, “Please pick up that mess,”

The fact of does he hear or not

Is anybody’s guess.


Then, rooms away, in muffled voice,

Are words , “The Ice Cream Store.”

His hearing’s back, I guarantee;

He’s waiting at the door.



8/20/93       Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


5’th … Indiana NPD 1994

1’st … Arkansas NPD 1997

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