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Indiana – – land of long lazy streams,
Placid ponds, and undulating green hills.
Land of desires and land of fertile dreams.
Home of covered bridges and old grist mills;
Farmland stretching ahead for bountied miles.
A rich source for artistry, poems and themes,
With nature shamelessly plying her wiles .
Indiana, your magic can’t be wrong —
My heart sings of your beauty in your song

8/16/04 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

(A Rainis Sonnet … ugh)

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Haiku for the Mighty Mississippi



 Slithering dark snake

      writhing through the flats and hills

              old Mississippi

3/20/90                   Phyllis VanVleck

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America, you’re beautiful.

You’ve made me fall in love

With scalloped hills and mountain heights

And painted skies above.


You’ve paraded all your splendor

Before my dazzled eyes,

And tethered me tightly to you

With nature’s verdant ties.


God blessed your hills and valleys

Where streams and rivers flow,

Then kissed your beautiful landscape

And made the flowers grow.


Your seasons are spectacular:

Spring blossoms bursting seams,

Summer’s medley of sight and sound,

Fall’s gorgeous color schemes.


And there is winter’s beauty, too,

When snow coats everything.

And trees wear crystal negligees

From nature’s rampant fling.


I am spellbound by your beauty.

It’s etched upon my heart.

A tribute to nature’s eloquence

And the magic it imparts.



8/29/90 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck      


5’th … Indiana NPD – 1992

8’th … N F S P S – 2002

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