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She sat there in her rocking chair,

her vacant stare

disturbing me.

Her memory

so full, before a dread disease

had made thoughts cease.

Thoughts past recall,

as if a wall

had somehow blocked the view inside,

before she died.

Her private hell,

that empty shell.


4/12/92       Phyllis DeWitt -VanVleck

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A careless smoker’s embered match

Among pine needles fell,

And suddenly the forest burst

Into a living hell.


A smoldering fire was all it was,

When flames ignited brush,

But soon the hiss and pop of flames,

Destroyed the forest hush.


Behind a searing wall of flame,

Where smoke’s a heavy pall,

Forest creatures lie in death . . .

There’s nothing left at all.


Yet fate has spared a little one.

I wish that he could tell

The story of his own escape,

As those around him fell.


He limps on smoking ashes

Where the fire has died down,                                   

A bear cub with his paws scorched raw –

Fur singed from tail to crown..


His thirst is almost maddening.

In pain he wanders on,

Looking for a water source

And grass to rest upon.


Would that the smoker see the cub

In all his misery,

And know that he himself’s to blame

By acting carelessly.


9/24/00 –   Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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