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Halloween has changed a lot
Since Grandpa was a lad.
The things they did way back then
Were really pretty bad.

On Halloween, he and friends
Played their usual pranks,
Like toppling wooden structures
And emptying cattle tanks.

They loved to pick on poor old Slim,
And did so without fear.
Eventually came their last time,
For it was Slim’s big year.

They slipped into his darkened yard,
All quiet as a mouse,
And putting shoulders to the wood,
They toppled his outhouse

The boys were devastated —
They smelled like they had died,
For Slim had slathered its contents
On the toilet’s wooden hide.

8/25/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Spider-webs everywhere

And hissing black cats

Lots of scary noises

And low flying bats


Jack-O-Lantern faces

Peer from every porch

Showing off toothy grins

With a candle torch


Little ghosts and goblins

Knocking at my door

Holding ample treat-bags

To which I’ll add some more


Children all in costume

From tiny tot to teen

Parading all around town

Because it’s Halloween


If I was only younger

I’d be in costume, too

Instead, I’ll greet you at my door

And do what goblins do . . . BOO



10/10/88    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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