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I found a little chest today

Covered with years of dust

The hinges were bent and broken

The hasp covered with rust


I held it for just a moment

Then brushed away a tear

I knew its precious contents were

Treasures from yesteryear


The lid squeaked as I opened it

‘Twas closed so long ago

I lifted away some tissue

And saw Mom’s cameo


A glass ink pen of Grandma’s

Mom’s hanky, edged in lace

A beautiful jeweled hairpin

That held my hair in place


An old tintype of Grandpa

When he was just a lad

A bookmark with the Lord’s Prayer

That once belonged to Dad


A pressed corsage of rosebuds

That once was pink and white

A small dance card of autographs

From Senior Prom night


A younger brother’s Purple Heart

What anguish that had wrought

A pin that bears my old nickname

That a friend had bought


A celluloid ring and pendant

 (Treasures my brother made)

Some charms my sisters gave to me

When I was in tenth grade


A narrow piece of ruffling

From my wedding dress

A 1940-D penny

(It brought luck, I guess) 


Wee lovebirds from my wedding cake

In the box that held my ring

A beautiful golden locket

Now hanging from a string


Remembrance in a lock of hair

Carried throughout the war

By my handsome soldier husband

When he was twenty-four


Some precious little ringlets

In shades of yellow-gold

Mementos from my children=s hair

  When they were one year old


Some love letters tied with ribbon

A valentine or two

Some cards the children made by hand

That say, “Mom, I love you.”


A treasured memory of my son

(A pin in blue and gold)

He bought it with some money earned

When he was ten years old


A pin my youngest daughter made

Twenty-eight years ago

And from the other’s light brown curls

A faded yellow bow


Each token tucked within the chest

Recalled a memory

The scenes were played across my mind

In stirring reverie


I closed my eyes in memory

Again, I dried some tears

Then closed the chest, and put it back

Where it had been for years



5/12/86        Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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