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Remember when POT meant the pan that held stew

And GRASS meant the lawn and a golf course, too?

When HOOKED meant the rug Grandma made with care

And FIX meant arrange,  or even repair?


Remember when BREAD meant that which made toast

And COOL meant weather on Alaska’s coast?

When SWINGERS were tots on swings in the park

And TURNED ON was done to lamps after dark?


Remember when TOUGH meant meat hard to chew

And CHICKEN was fowl that we’d barbecue?

When RAP was a knock you’d hear at the door

And WAY-OUT meant country or distant shore?


Remember when BAD meant awful, not great

And TURKEY was a fowl that we cooked and ate?

When THE PILL was something you’d take when ill

If suffering with headache and maybe a chill?


Remember when PAD was a cushion you’d use,

Instead of the place you would go for a snooze?

Remember when JUNKIE was something not neat

And FUZZ meant lint, not cops on the beat?


Oh, bring back the days when words waxed true

And fractured English appealed to few.

When slang wasn’t used except on a dare,

And my speech was flawless, ’cause I was A SQUARE.



3/12/92            Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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“I wish you’d read to me awhile.”

My daughters often said,

So I’d tuck away the mending

And read to them, instead.


“Mom, can you play a game with me?”

My growing son would ask,

So I’d put aside the sweeping

For that far more urgent task.


We often sat with drawing books,

Coloring in designs,

While laundered clothes awaited

Their turn upon the lines.


There were times the sink held dishes,

‘Though I didn’t like such piles,

So I could romp and play outside . . .

Rewarded by their smiles.


At times we’d lie upon the grass

As cloud ships sailed on by,

While the beds awaited making,

And dust was left to lie.


Nothing’s changed by dirt or dust,

Or bed that lies unmade,

But the hours given to a child,

Build memories that won’t fade.


The most important times in life

Are the hours wisely spent,

When shared with a little child,

For they are heaven-sent.



5/22/97    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


4’th. … Indiana NPD – 2001

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While you were sleeping soundly

I slipped into the night

Dancing barefoot in the grass

Bathed in silvery light


I tossed bright sequins to the sky

Where they shone down on me

The moon then smiled and tipped his hat

And winked flirtatiously


I kissed the flowers’ sleepy heads

But let them slumber on

I skipped and did some pirouettes

On my moon-struck lawn


My hair was flying in the breeze

Moonbeams kissed my cheek

An owl turned his feathery head

Pretending not to peek


I woke up all the butterflies

For just a little while

So they could join me as I danced

I think I saw them smile


Then, as the sun peeked over hill

I crept back to my bed

And quickly learned it wasn’t real

But only dreams, instead


10/10/95 – Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck  

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