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Granddaughter baked a cake last night
And topped it today with candlelight
Then asked the children to come near
She had a story for them to hear

A story about a Holy birth
When God sent His Son to earth
This is our Savior’s special day
She said, as they bowed heads to pray

There’d be no Christmas on this earth
Without our precious Savior’s birth
Let’s not forget God’s gift to man
And honor Him, whenever we can

The children then blew out the flame,
As they sang praises in His name.
Happy Birthday, Jesus, they sang out
In their efforts to be devout

I’m sure God smiled when He heard them sing
Pleased that they were remembering

12/15/89 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

Written for the Cory family (Sharon and boys)

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This poem is for my granddaughter, who is lost to us at this time.        





    our paths will cross,

        as is our destiny;

           though we parted in bitterness –

                time heals.


8/1/05        Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck



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Grandma’s Gift

I have received requests to post family poetry.  Holly’s request came in first so this is the poem I wrote for my Christmas grandchild.






Grandma got a special gift

On Christmas Eve this year

And that is how it came to be

That Holly Noel is here


A precious little someone

(And beautiful, too)

With hair like strands of spun gold

And eyes of Heaven’s blue


Delicate little nose and ears

(Right where they should be)

A hint of a dimple in her chin

(A gift from Grandpa V)


Her tiny pink cherub mouth

Is mighty, mighty sweet

And a marvel of perfection

Are her wee hands and feet


There is no baby cuter

Nor will there ever be

She’s a Blue Ribbon Winner

As everyone can see


Because she’s nearly perfect

Someday it will be known

That she’s just a little Angel

With wings not yet grown


If I’d have ordered ahead of time

I’d have cast a magic spell

And ask for a Granddaughter  like

My precious Holly Noel


6/19/72    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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