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Poems are written and songs often sung

About all the glories of being young.

Seems praises galore just roll off the tongue.


And although when young, I thought it quite nice,

It isn’t something I’d like to do twice.


I’ve given this subject some in-depth thought,

And what I’ve learned from the lessons life taught,

Is that struggles of youth entice me naught …


Homework and chores and parental advice.

An allowance which never seemed to  suffice.


The pain of young love, so often awry.

No car of your own — no money to buy,

And sometimes so bored you wanted to die.


With changing emotions that drives one wild,

One minute so grown — next minute a child.


So in spite of yearnings one often hears,

I’d not regress as my destiny nears.

Because I’m enjoying my golden years.


2/19/93           Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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        IT ISN’T EASY      


It isn’t easy growing old.                                               

I think most seniors will agree,                                               

That as they face a new threshold,                      

The inclination is to flee.


Because my feelings trouble me,     

It isn’t easy growing old …

I’ll do it with much dignity,

And I will treat those years like gold.


So far my journey is untold,                

But I will live those years to be.           

It isn’t easy growing old,         

With this new road a mystery.


Our lives are like a recipe,

With our deeds and facts to mold,                   

And though we’re part of history,

It isn’t easy growing old.


8/1/05  –  Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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