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God took things like gentleness,

True selflessness and love,

And patience and devotion,

Then He blessed them from above.


He added love of nurturing

And other virtues, too,

Then he grouped them all together,

And still was not quite through.


He needed someone special

In whom He could depend,

To keep intact these attributes

Of such a perfect blend.


As He watched women cradling

Infants to their breast

He instilled within their hearts,

These things He deemed the best.


A perfect benediction,

One unlike no other –

Then satisfied, He smiled, and said,

“Let mankind call her, Mother.”


8/3/94 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


1’st … Arkansas NPD – 1994

1’st … Indiana NPD – 2000


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The laughter of a little child

Timid creatures of the wild

Lilac scent on wafting breeze

And summer shade beneath the trees


A lonesome whistle in the night

From some big train way out of sight

Bright butterflies and lady-bugs

And joy felt from children’s hugs


Birds in all their feathery hues

And poems derived from poignant muse

The gurgling sound of running streams

And magic cast by gold moonbeams


Rainbows after a summer storm

Flower’s beauty as they take form

America’s flag waving on high.

A gentle breeze that seems to sigh.


Rain that cools the heat away

Watching kittens as they play

Frost fronds on my window panes

Long inviting country lanes


Beautiful leaves that drop in fall

So many things, but best of all

A family to love, as they love me

And God, who gave my Soul to me



7/12/99      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Feathered Beauty


Sapphire bluebird, is it true

That you were born to be so blue?

Or did you one day fly so high

You scraped some blue paint from the sky?


And what about your russet chest?

Was it stained within the nest?

Or when you flew above the crowds,

Was it skimmed from sunset clouds?


From whence they came should matter not,

God placed you in that color slot.

Feathered beauty from above,

A treasured gift of His great love.


10/12/96n – Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


2′nd … Arkansas NPD 1997

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A little book of poetry

Lies upon the shelf

Penned words revealing who I am

All written by myself


The once blank pages almost speak

When opened to the rhymes

For heart and soul, in black on white

Bear essence of the times


The leather cover’s brittle now

With title worn away

The yellowed pages loose and torn

But treasured to this day


It opens to a special verse

Where pressed upon the page

Is a flower that I placed there

At quite a tender age


A ribbon marks another page

A poem that makes me weep.

Other poems can make me laugh

Or dream sweet dreams, in sleep


God’s blessings fill some pages

Not written as a whim

For the pages would be empty

Without this gift from Him


When memory tugs my heart and soul

The book becomes my friend

As I turn the fragile pages

And read the words I penned


When I depart this earthly realm

I’ll leave a bit of self

Found within the written words

Of the book upon the shelf



5/29/94 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


3’rd … Arkansas NPD 1994

6’th…. Indiana NPD 2001


      REVISED 2003

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