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She’s Grandma’s little darling
And cute as she can be
A very special little girl
On that we all agree

Perhaps I’m somewhat prejudice
‘Cause that’s how Grandmas are
I think she’s sweet and wonderful
And our family’s latest star

There’s a simple explanation
And a nice revealing key . . .
She’s everything the books say
A little girl should be

She loves to look feminine
In ribbons, lace, and bows
She’s a real little lady
From her head to her toes

She’s coy and she’s impish
Yet, that dear angelic face
Is a clue to her sweetness
And to her charm and grace

She’s giggles and good humor
She’s all hugs and kisses
She’s bouncy blond pony-tail
With charm that never misses

She’s a precious little sweetheart
And I can promise this –
She’s blessed us with her presence
Like Heaven’s sweetest kiss

4/3/77 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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I caught a glimpse of Heaven today
When a little child of three
Danced around my flower beds
With a look of blissful glee

I heard a bit of Heaven today
When she giggled while at play
Sounds I’ll carry in my heart
Forever and a day

I felt a bit of Heaven today
When she wooed me with her charms . . .
The sweetest kiss upon my cheek
And a hug from little arms

There’s Heaven in a little child
And you can see it, too
Just watch them with an open heart
That’s all you need to do

3/17/00 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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