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If I could journey back in time

To Christmas of my past,

I’d gather up the happiness

And hold it very fast.


We didn’t have a lot back then,

But we were unaware

That others had more than us,

For we had much to share.


Each Christmas was a busy time

With many things to do,

And I look back in fondness,

Remembering just a few:


Making stars and paper chains

To compliment our tree,

Checking out our window panes

For frost etched tracery,


Hanging bread and suet balls

On branches that were bare,

Watching snowflakes coat the trees

As birds sought shelter there,


Running out,, all bundled up,

Enjoying winter’s gifts,

Snow-angels made by each of us,

And sliding down big drifts.


We’d all go in, after fun,

And have a special treat –

Hot cocoa near the old wood stove,

While warming hands and feet.


Beautiful carols filled the air,

Prompting us to sing.

There were gifts in colored tissue,

Tied with cotton string.


Mama’s words as she kissed us

And hugged us very tight,

“You’ve all been such good children,

Santa will come tonight.”


Then snuggling down under quilts,

Listening for Santa’s sleigh,

And drifting off in dream-filled sleep

‘Til early Christmas day.


Awaking to threadbare stockings,

Stirring children’s joy …

Filled with oranges, candy, and nuts,

And a small ten-cent toy.


Under the tree, for Sis and I,

Were dolls that Mama dressed.

Each piece of clothing sewn by hand,

Then each piece neatly pressed.


Big brother received a nice game

And strings for his guitar.

Little brother got marbles

And a cast iron car.


We could ask for no improvement

Of such heart-warming joy,

For we were more than satisfied

With candy and a toy.


If I could paint such memories

To help make them last,

I’d view them with a little smile

Each time that I walked past.



12/18/89      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Autumn beckons me to sit

In my old rocking chair,

Out on the weathered farmhouse porch

Where magic’s everywhere.

A breeze is whispering lightly

Throwing kisses at my cheek,

A raccoon stops to take a drink

Down by the little creek.

Burning leave’s rich pungent smell

Lends credence to the scene,

As flaming gold and scarlet leaves

Change from emerald green.

The blue enameled sky above

Is cloudy here and there —

Just gauzy bits of tracery,

Like ribbons in its hair.

A honking chevron of wild geese

Are winging overhead

A sign for nature to prepare

For winter’s frosty bed.

From high up in a cottonwood

Where he is hard to see

A mockingbird trills the score

From summer’s melody.

Squirrels are busy storing nuts;

They’ll need them when it snows.

And daddy-long legs cluster up

Each time a cool wind blows.

A spider deftly spins a web

For one last hungry try;

As nature beds itself for sleep

He hopes a bug flies by.

A sluggish bee lights near my arm

And slowly cleans a wing.

He’s hypnotized by autumn’s song,

No need to fear his sting.

I rock in rhythm with the sounds

Of autumn’s pulsing beat,

And I think that I have never seen

A season quite as sweet.


9/22/93    Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck         


2’nd … Indiana NPD 1994

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A frosty hand rattled my door



Winter stretched forth a frosty hand

            Last night it rattled my door

Hills now sleep under ermine robes

            As does the forest floor

Filigree patterns frost my panes

            With beautiful white fronds

Icy mufflers hug river banks

            And small cattle ponds

Roofs lie snug under snowy coats

            Fence posts wear white berets

Icicle pendants hang from eaves

            Crystals, in the sun’s rays

Long snowy beards adorn my sills

            After the night’s snowfall

And drifts form miniature mountains

            Against my garden wall

Trees that once reached for sun

            Have branches hanging low

Their graceful lines quite beautiful

            Under the weight of snow

It’s winter’s awesome arrival

            Here to stay awhile

Until nature keeps its promise

            Of spring’s big warm-up smile


11/4/88       Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


1’st … Arkansas NPD 1996

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Fall’s Debut


Wood smoke sifts through crimson leaves,

Webs wear crystal frost,

Announcing changing seasons and

A summer that is lost.


2/19/95        Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


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The laughter of a little child

Timid creatures of the wild

Lilac scent on wafting breeze

And summer shade beneath the trees


A lonesome whistle in the night

From some big train way out of sight

Bright butterflies and lady-bugs

And joy felt from children’s hugs


Birds in all their feathery hues

And poems derived from poignant muse

The gurgling sound of running streams

And magic cast by gold moonbeams


Rainbows after a summer storm

Flower’s beauty as they take form

America’s flag waving on high.

A gentle breeze that seems to sigh.


Rain that cools the heat away

Watching kittens as they play

Frost fronds on my window panes

Long inviting country lanes


Beautiful leaves that drop in fall

So many things, but best of all

A family to love, as they love me

And God, who gave my Soul to me



7/12/99      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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