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Up in branches of a huge oak tree,
Way up high where you can’t see,
Is a crude tree-house of slats and rope,
Held in place by nails and hope.

It’s way up there that I am King,
So I’m in charge of everything.
With flask of milk tucked by my side,
And a book to read, opened wide.

Sometimes I’m there to dream my dreams,
That I am fishing little streams,
But I let them all get away,
To be my catch another day.

I’m also Captain of a ship.
On windy days it’s prone to tip.
But never fear, it will not sink,
For everything’s just what I think.

Mom always knows just what I need,
And packs my lunch, as her good deed.
Some sandwiches and something sweet,
Along with scraps for birds to eat.

My books bring magic way up there,
So I can visit anywhere …
On trains, and boats, and airplanes, too,
I see the world – I tell you true.

I even take short naps when there,
But that is really very rare,
Because there’s much that I must do,
Ruling my Kingdom, ship, and crew.

7/25/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

For David (for his 63’rd birthday)

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I wonder about the life He had

When Jesus was a little lad.

I wonder how He spent His day.

Was He a joyful child at play?            


Did He play games and perhaps race,

And get some dirt upon His face?

I’ve often wondered, might it be

That He once played like you and me.


Did He go fishing in the creek

And get a sunburn on His cheek?

Was there a dog to love and pet?

Was there a chore He’d oft’ forget?


I wonder if He climbed a tree,

And if He fell and scraped His knee.

When He got bruises while at play,

Did He have Mom kiss tears away?


In His excitement did He shout,

When He played tag and ran about.

Did He like frogs and bugs and toads

And barefoot walks on dusty roads?


Was He like other little boys,

Who liked to make a lot of noise?

Or was He quiet and quite sedate

With future things  to contemplate.


Did He have knowledge from His birth

Of His design upon this earth . . .

That He would be our Guiding Light

In teaching us to live life right?


I’m sure He knew, as time passed by,                                   

That He would die for you and I,

Upon the cross at Calvary,

Fulfilling earthly destiny.


5/19/02              Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


2’nd Place…

Arkansas –  National Poetry Day 2002

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