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Come sit with me beside my fire
And share its warmth and glow
We’ll talk about life’s journey
And memories long ago

Life sure has bonded you and I
The way it’s meant to be
I leaned on you for everything
Now you can lean on me

You’ve been a mother and a friend
And shared my growing pains
I learned from you, life’s beautiful
Yes, even when it rains

You helped erase my girlish fears
And made them go away
Your hand upon my fevered brow
Helped me endure the day

So many things I learned from you
Way back from the start
And they’re a perfect legacy
All etched upon my heart

We’ve covered many years this hour
And the coals have almost died
But it was perfect sitting here
With my mother by my side

9/3/02 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

3’rd. … Arkansas NPD – 2002

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A careless smoker’s embered match

Among pine needles fell,

And suddenly the forest burst

Into a living hell.


A smoldering fire was all it was,

When flames ignited brush,

But soon the hiss and pop of flames,

Destroyed the forest hush.


Behind a searing wall of flame,

Where smoke’s a heavy pall,

Forest creatures lie in death . . .

There’s nothing left at all.


Yet fate has spared a little one.

I wish that he could tell

The story of his own escape,

As those around him fell.


He limps on smoking ashes

Where the fire has died down,                                   

A bear cub with his paws scorched raw –

Fur singed from tail to crown..


His thirst is almost maddening.

In pain he wanders on,

Looking for a water source

And grass to rest upon.


Would that the smoker see the cub

In all his misery,

And know that he himself’s to blame

By acting carelessly.


9/24/00 –   Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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