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ed-phy-w-by-carThis is a photo of my brother, Edward (on the left) and myself, the girl on the right.   This poem is very close to the true story  of his NOT teaching me how to drive. 

(And Probably Never Will)

I never learned to drive a car
And often wondered why
No one took the time to teach
This girl, once young and shy

Could it be that awful story
My brother used to tell
About the day he tried to teach . . .
Comparing it to Hell

First I hit the chicken coop
With quite a thunderous clap
And both of us then ended up
With chickens in our lap

While fighting clouds of feathers
I backed into a tree
I didn’t do much damage then
But Ed was mad at me

And then I hit the garden fence
In panic, as I slid
I just said, “They never should
Have put it where they did”

In backing up I spun the tires
And spumes of dust arose
Then as I freed the tires, I braked
And poor Ed bumped his nose

The cow was watching all that time
With look of such surprise
Until I almost hit her rump
Then terror filled her eyes

Ed jerked the wheel just in time
By now, his eyes were wide
As I drove onto the hilltop
And down the other side

Ed jammed his foot onto the brake
And stopped upon a dime
For traffic on the highway there
Was busy at that time

He told me to get out, right then
And walk back up the hill
While he mopped his bloody nose
And spoke with such a chill

He never took me out again
And it made me rather sad
Because no one else would either . . .
But I think the cow was glad

Phyllis VanVleck . . . 9/25/01

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Mama Loved Geraniums


Mama loved geraniums

She’d place them on a sill

And plant some in her garden

Among the herbs and dill

Pots of them were everywhere

On porch and old fence rails

Even by the old outhouse

In dented rusty pails

In the fall she’d bring them in

So each room held a share

And there they’d bloom all winter

With her devoted care

The years have passed, and in a glen

Geraniums show their face

Beside a white granite stone

That marks her resting place

1/27/90       Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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End of the lane

Field full of grain

Barrel of rain

      House, once white

      Oil lamp light

Crumbling silo

Farm dog named Joe

A goat named Flo

      Barn of red

      Small plow shed

Worn “outhouse” trails

Broken fence rails

Dented milk pails

      Garden rows

      Big black crows

Piglets and sow

Brown Jersey cow

Hay in the mow

      Sway-backed horse

      Cats, of course

Mice, quite a few

A barn-owl, too

Duck-pond in view

      Coop and pen

      Plump brown hen

Rooster to crow

Chicks that will grow

Flowers to show

      Swing for kids

      Wells with lids

Tepeed corn shocks

Land strewn with rocks

Starlings in flocks

      My old farm

      Postcard charm    


2/2/89 –  Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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