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Haiku – On a sad note


Tattered red feathers

       scattered in sad disarray

               cat cleans her whiskers

3/14/90 Phyllis VanVleck

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Fluffed up against the cold

             LITTLE SONG BIRD


Little song bird on my sill

          Head tucked ‘neath your wing

Feathers fluffed against the cold

          How I long to hear you sing

I watched you spring and summer

          Winging through my trees

Then nesting in my great big elm

          To raise your families

You sure were busy mothering

          As twice you raised a brood

With many tiring hunting flights

          In a constant quest for food

You fed your tiny progeny

          Until they flew away

To other trees, in other yards

          Where they will nest one day

You’ve made it through the winter’s worst

          Through winds and sleet and snow

And scant supplies of sustenance

          Though how, I do not know

And now that spring is almost here

          It really won’t be long

‘Til once again you’re parenting

          And I can hear your song


3/25/79         Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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