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A fury invader



If I could live a fantasy

I’d be a little mouse.

I’d wait until the lights were out

And scurry ‘round your house.


I’d promise not to chew your things

For I would aim to please,

So perhaps you’d make a pet of me

And feed me cake and cheese.


But you wouldn’t see me often,

For I avoid the light,

So I’d play and eat and scamper

While you’re asleep at night.


Yet, when you wish to play with me,

You’d call me by my name,

And I would hurry to your hand,

For I would be quite tame.


I’d be as neat as I could be,

And clean my crumbs away.

I’d really be the nicest pet,

If you would let me stay.


9/2/93       Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


9’th …   N F S P S – 2000

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I wrote your name on a blue balloon

With I MISS YOU on its face,

Then sent it soaring through the clouds

To a far more distant place.


Up to your home in Heaven’s realm

Where you went so long ago.

I’m wondering if it reached you there

From this complex earth below.


I know it’s just a fantasy

To believe such things can be,

But I’ll pretend it reaches you,

And you’ll remember me.


5/16/98 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


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