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After she was gone
I found scraps of paper
Each piece torn
from whatever was at hand
when thoughts possessed her mind,
or touched her heart.
Little reminders
jotted down when senses
stirred her to capture
a piece of beauty
or a fragment of emotion.
Words, phrases, ideas
upon which she would
later elaborate.
Drawing from those small
scraps, pages of stirring
discourse that could make
one lose himself
in laughter, or touch
one’s heart to tears.
Those bits of written
emotion reflect how she
found beauty in everything,
and she comes alive
in the words
she jotted down
Musing about their value,
I could not destroy them.

In my closet upon a shelf,
there is a candy box
that holds her essence.
It is full of life and love
recorded on scraps of paper,
reminding me of her.
She was a poem.

2/5/93 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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My Memory



I have no mind for fine details

I don’t think that’s so bad

I can’t remember dates and time

But just emotions had


I can’t remember what you wore

The first time that we met

But I remember your sweet charm

And your smile’s with me yet

I don’t remember where it was

I saw a mockingbird

But I’ll remember always

The lovely song I heard


I don’t remember where we went

To view an autumn scene

But I won’t forget God’s palette

Of reds and golds and green

The day I hiked a wooded trail

Is lost, as far as date

But not the smell of scented pines

Or the wild fruit I ate


I can’t remember verse or words

Of songs Mom sang for me

But the soft sound of her sweet voice

Lives on, in memory

The dates of childhood illnesses

Are all forgotten now

But I won’t forget the feeling of

Mom’s hand upon my brow


I can’t repeat the headlines

The day that I gave birth

But the memory of the joy I felt

Is the sweetest on this earth

Yes, I do forget the details


And distance, time, and names

But everything that touches me

Is a memory that remains


Friendliness, love, and tenderness

A sound, a taste, a sight

That’s what I remember well

And for me, that=s quite all right


3/8/90 –  Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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