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Listen to my heart break

Can you hear the pieces fall

It lies completely shattered

And there’s nothing left at all


There’s a piece once called love

And next to it lies trust

Joined by faith and devotion

Now turning into dust


It’s sad that love such as ours

Now ends in such a way

And can never see tomorrow

Through the pain it wears today


Echoes of love once shared

Are whispering in my head

Reminding me of vows we made

The day that we were wed


Fingertips of memory

Are more than I can bear

As they serve to remind me

Of the heartache I now wear


It’s the end of something beautiful

Built upon for years

And bonding is prevented

By the moisture of my tears


7/15/73   Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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God took things like gentleness,

True selflessness and love,

And patience and devotion,

Then He blessed them from above.


He added love of nurturing

And other virtues, too,

Then he grouped them all together,

And still was not quite through.


He needed someone special

In whom He could depend,

To keep intact these attributes

Of such a perfect blend.


As He watched women cradling

Infants to their breast

He instilled within their hearts,

These things He deemed the best.


A perfect benediction,

One unlike no other –

Then satisfied, He smiled, and said,

“Let mankind call her, Mother.”


8/3/94 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


1’st … Arkansas NPD – 1994

1’st … Indiana NPD – 2000

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