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Up in branches of a huge oak tree,
Way up high where you can’t see,
Is a crude tree-house of slats and rope,
Held in place by nails and hope.

It’s way up there that I am King,
So I’m in charge of everything.
With flask of milk tucked by my side,
And a book to read, opened wide.

Sometimes I’m there to dream my dreams,
That I am fishing little streams,
But I let them all get away,
To be my catch another day.

I’m also Captain of a ship.
On windy days it’s prone to tip.
But never fear, it will not sink,
For everything’s just what I think.

Mom always knows just what I need,
And packs my lunch, as her good deed.
Some sandwiches and something sweet,
Along with scraps for birds to eat.

My books bring magic way up there,
So I can visit anywhere …
On trains, and boats, and airplanes, too,
I see the world – I tell you true.

I even take short naps when there,
But that is really very rare,
Because there’s much that I must do,
Ruling my Kingdom, ship, and crew.

7/25/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

For David (for his 63’rd birthday)

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A SOUL RETURNS TO GODdavid-mom-favor-cropped


The Lord said, “Come. It’s time to go.

To leave this bed of pain.

I know that those you leave, will weep

With tears akin to rain.

But if they understood, Son,

They’d wipe away their tears,

For I just lent your soul to earth,

And shared you all those years”.


“You used those years well, my child,

And I’ve been pleased with you.

You lived a life that fostered love,

Just like I knew you’d do.

When those you leave, dry their tears,

They’ll soon become aware

That part of you remains behind;

They’ll find you everywhere”.


“You’ll be with them in memory

Of all the things you love,

Like eagles soaring on the wind

And sunset skies above.

In prairie sweep and mountains high,

Along a forest path.

In whispers of a gentle breeze,

In summer rain’s warm bath”.


“And in the human attributes

That stirred your soul while here.

Such as kindness, love, and laughter,

These things will keep you near.

And those you love, still here on earth,

Will see you once again,

When their turn comes to leave the earth,

You’ll be together then”.  


The Lord took David’s hand in his

And whispered to his soul,

“Come now, to your heavenly home.

You’ve filled your earthly role.”


1/27/91     Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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I wrote your name on a blue balloon

With I MISS YOU on its face,

Then sent it soaring through the clouds

To a far more distant place.


Up to your home in Heaven’s realm

Where you went so long ago.

I’m wondering if it reached you there

From this complex earth below.


I know it’s just a fantasy

To believe such things can be,

But I’ll pretend it reaches you,

And you’ll remember me.


5/16/98 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


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