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Spring’s Dandelion


 Heaven sent rich lode

      gold scattered over my lawn

           spring’s dandelions

11/14/04      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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A siege


The great invasion

     of drifting white parachutes

          a dandelion siege

 3/16/90        Phyllis VanVleck

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Little children love daisy-rings

        Huge truck tire swings                            

        Wet snowball fights                 

        June’s firefly lights

They love all gentle dogs and cats

        Baseballs and bats

        Pink bubble-gum

        A song to hum

They love the fun that summer brings

        Balloons on strings

        Ferris wheel rides

        Big swings and slides

And children love clowns and parades

        Small swaps and trades

        Kites that fly high

        Stars in the sky

They love to lick big ice cream cones

        To throw small stones

        To laugh with glee

        To climb a tree

They love blowing dandelion fluff

        Collecting stuff

        Making mud-pies

        Dozens of WHY’S

And children love to test and tease

        And hug and squeeze . . .

        Right from the start

        They win your heart

Children Love!


2/6/89       Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


5’th … Indiana NPD 1990

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Shaggy headed little flower

Yellow – like the sun,

You’re amazingly prolific,

For hundreds come from one.


Some say there’s beauty in your face

Like golden light of dawn.

But as you age, your hair turns white

And scatters on my lawn.


Then you stretch your scrawny neck

‘Til your ugly bald head

Is all that’s seen upon my lawn,

And I wish that you were dead.


Mama cooked your greens for dinner,

And Grandpa did his best

To turn you into homemade wine,

You awesome little pest.


I sprayed you with a chemical

And zapped your little crown.

I dug you out with trowel and hoe

And tried to mow you down.


My lawn was pristine once again,

No dandelions in sight.

But not for long, I should have known,

You’d multiply all night.


I plan and plot your last goodbye,

But your intent is clear —

That if I win the war this time,

You’ll just return next year.


2/17/93 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck   


3’rd … Indiana NPD 1994

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