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I’d like to write enough to use
Words dancing in my head,
With all the things I have to say –

I’d like to have a million bucks,
And spend it as I thought,
With all the things I’ve wished to buy –

I wish that all delicious food
Would not increase my weight,
With all the things I like to eat –

I wish there was a tape somewhere
When my guitar’s re-strung,
With all the songs I love to sing –

I’d like to break old habits now,
Of writing-trends I’ve kept,
With all the missing hours of sleep –

If I could satisfy my dreams,
I hope I would not gloat,
With all the things I wish to write –

7/21/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

Inspired by Mary Sadler

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Snow flakes dancing to the ground

While arabesquing ‘round and ‘round.

They’re painting the world all in white

Laying blankets throughout the night.


What will one see when he awakes?

Artistry of those little flakes.

Diamonds scattered on once green lawn,

Winking, sparkling in light of dawn.


Branches snuggled in ermine coats,

White scarves wrapped ‘round chimney throats,                       

Fence posts wearing jaunty caps.

Bushes arrayed in frosty wraps.


Millions of flakes before your eyes . . .

Large and small and minuscule size,

And in the piles, where they lay,               

No two are alike, so they say.


It’s quiet in this all-white world,

Where just last night the snow-flakes swirled.

Sounds are muffled . . . an awesome sight,

That nature spread around last night.


6/9/06                    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Tighten up those fiddle strings,        

Loosen up that bow.

Tap your foot to keep the time,

And pluck that old banjo.


Thump the big bull-fiddle

Tease that mandolin,

Add some strumming from guitars,

So dancing will begin.


Play some lively get down tunes,

To get them on the floor,

And don’t forget some mood sets,

So they’ll start yelling, MORE!.


Fill the room with country music.

Have a gent and lady sing. 

Let the floor fill up with dancers

Promenading ‘round the ring.


The music is delightful –

Square dance, line dance, waltz,

And for the sweethearts in the crowd,

A bit of good old shmaltz.


The choice of stringed instruments

Has made a perfect blend,

Truly pleasing everyone …

But that is country trend.


8/3/05      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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While you were sleeping soundly

I slipped into the night

Dancing barefoot in the grass

Bathed in silvery light


I tossed bright sequins to the sky

Where they shone down on me

The moon then smiled and tipped his hat

And winked flirtatiously


I kissed the flowers’ sleepy heads

But let them slumber on

I skipped and did some pirouettes

On my moon-struck lawn


My hair was flying in the breeze

Moonbeams kissed my cheek

An owl turned his feathery head

Pretending not to peek


I woke up all the butterflies

For just a little while

So they could join me as I danced

I think I saw them smile


Then, as the sun peeked over hill

I crept back to my bed

And quickly learned it wasn’t real

But only dreams, instead


10/10/95 – Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck  

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