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In the mountains and the meadows
There’s beauty to be seen,
And even in the fringe of woods
Bright colors mix with green.

There is lupine and arbutus
Growing near the trees,
With some yellow-centered daisies
Swaying in the breeze.

Abundant scarlet paintbrush,
Violets dressed in blue,
There’s columbine and trillium,
And coneflower’s purple hue.

Lilies curling petals down —
Their orange splashed everywhere.
Wisteria’s graceful tendrils
In the wood’s scented air.

Thistle and some goldenrod,
And lovely Queen Anne’s Lace —
At attention on the roadsides,
All waving with such grace.

Some shooting stars in dainty pink,
And morning-glory banks.
Tall sunflowers bowing heavy heads —
Now I bow mine in thanks.

8/18/04 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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I have a colorful garden
With flowers in great array
Wild beauties in rich profusion
So vibrant in display

I didn’t plant a single thing
God placed them where they grow
Just beyond my pristine lawn
So I enjoy their show

There is lupine and pink primrose
And beautiful shooting stars
There are daisies by the dozens
I place in old fruit jars

I have tall Indian paintbrush
And cardinal flowers, too
Coneflowers stand majestically
As arbutus trails through

Daylilies in their brightest orange
And deep-hued violets
I have columbine and trillium
And tiny white bluets

There’s lobelia, blue to purple
Some morning glory banks
And sunflowers bowing heavy heads . . .
Now I bow mine in thanks

9/5/01 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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