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The sights and sounds of nature
are sweet this time of year.
Scarlet, gold, and saffron tones
announce a change in seasons.
Winging geese form chevron patterns
in a blue enamel sky,
honking their goodby song,
until spring bursts forth next year.
Crickets find their way inside
and settle near my hearth.
They’ll pester us with strident songs
when winter snow is high.
The pungent smell of burning leaves
lends credence to the scene,
as curls of blue smoke fill the air,
and scent the autumn months.
Sluggish bees cling where they can,
cleaning their tired wings.
No longer prone to use their sting,
they’ll exist on succulent
amber drops of hive-honey.
Daddy-longlegs cluster-up
in tangles, for warmth.
Abundant in crevices of doors
and windows, they look like discarded
wads of black sewing threads.
Slow-motion is the essence
of this time of languor,
once again cloaking the land
in colorful autumn robes.
God’s glorious gift of nature.

6/6/95 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

6’th … Indiana NPD 1995

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Nature’s Symphony



Listen to the sounds of night

  Such matchless orchestration

Hear those tiny creatures

  Employ their syncopation


Birds sing bedtime vespers

  Mosquitoes hum along

Beetles click their castanets

  As night breaks into song


Crickets tune their fiddles

  As bullfrogs start to drum

Cicadas add a shrill whir

  And there is more to come


Dragonflies rattle crisp wings

  As they dart out of reach

A watching owl gives forth

  A high vibrato screech


An old oak tree creaks a bit

  Adding a note or two

Its leaves tap, tap a window

  Making their band debut


An earlier rain contributes

  A gentle rhythmic sound

As drops of rain plink, plink, plink

  From leaves onto the ground


As evening starts its tune-up

  Sounds blend in harmony

And the orchestration that is heard

  Is Nature’s Symphony



04/20/86 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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