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The earth is ready for her Prom.
Awakened from her rest,
With a field full of flowers
As a corsage on her breast.

There’s romance blooming in that field,
And flirting’s taking place . . .
Sweet William’s charmed by countless winks
From Black-eyed Susan’s face.

7/29/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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I walked into her bedroom
Just the other day
And saw the stages of her life
In careless disarray

I stood there in the doorway
And with nostalgic sighs
I viewed the contradictions
Spread before my eyes

Around the room where Nursery Rhymes
Once hung upon the wall
Are posters of recording stars
I cannot list them all

But still in place of honor
In a small golden frame
Are Cinderella and her Prince
Of Fairy Tale fame

And over in the corner
Her dolls lie in a pile
She has not yet forsaken them
But will, in just a while

Lying adjacent to the dolls
And scattered on the floor
Are several current 45’s
And several things more

There are stacks of old comic books
And romance novels, too
Some bubble-gum wrappers
And a valentine or two

A sad bedraggled Teddy Bear
Now wears upon his pate
A dried and faded corsage
From a chaperoned date

Hanging on her bulletin board
Is a treasured little toy
And tacked right next to it
Is a note from some young boy

On a messy closet shelf
This is what I see
Skates, a game, an old jump-rope
Her diary, with its key

And tangled in among them
Is a blanket (pink and gray)
It once meant security
So she can’t throw it away

A lipstick lies upon her desk
And nail polish, too
There’s clasps to hold her hair in place
In shades of pink and blue

Her clothing is a mixture
Of pre and early teen
Her moods, in fact, dictating
In which she will be seen

She likes her pretty dresses
But loves the latest fad
So more and more, she leans that way
And it’s jeans in which she’s clad

Her room is a chrysalis
Where tot transforms to teen
And yet, there’s changes still to come
More transition to be seen

When comes the time that she matures
And my butterfly flies away
I’ll treasure memories of each stage
That saw her on her way

2/12/61 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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I found a little chest today

Covered with years of dust

The hinges were bent and broken

The hasp covered with rust


I held it for just a moment

Then brushed away a tear

I knew its precious contents were

Treasures from yesteryear


The lid squeaked as I opened it

‘Twas closed so long ago

I lifted away some tissue

And saw Mom’s cameo


A glass ink pen of Grandma’s

Mom’s hanky, edged in lace

A beautiful jeweled hairpin

That held my hair in place


An old tintype of Grandpa

When he was just a lad

A bookmark with the Lord’s Prayer

That once belonged to Dad


A pressed corsage of rosebuds

That once was pink and white

A small dance card of autographs

From Senior Prom night


A younger brother’s Purple Heart

What anguish that had wrought

A pin that bears my old nickname

That a friend had bought


A celluloid ring and pendant

 (Treasures my brother made)

Some charms my sisters gave to me

When I was in tenth grade


A narrow piece of ruffling

From my wedding dress

A 1940-D penny

(It brought luck, I guess) 


Wee lovebirds from my wedding cake

In the box that held my ring

A beautiful golden locket

Now hanging from a string


Remembrance in a lock of hair

Carried throughout the war

By my handsome soldier husband

When he was twenty-four


Some precious little ringlets

In shades of yellow-gold

Mementos from my children=s hair

  When they were one year old


Some love letters tied with ribbon

A valentine or two

Some cards the children made by hand

That say, “Mom, I love you.”


A treasured memory of my son

(A pin in blue and gold)

He bought it with some money earned

When he was ten years old


A pin my youngest daughter made

Twenty-eight years ago

And from the other’s light brown curls

A faded yellow bow


Each token tucked within the chest

Recalled a memory

The scenes were played across my mind

In stirring reverie


I closed my eyes in memory

Again, I dried some tears

Then closed the chest, and put it back

Where it had been for years



5/12/86        Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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