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When Granny Jo had passed her prime
She did as she would please
Like wearing dreadful purple clothes
With hose rolled to her knees
She wore her hair in bun or braid
Sometimes it hung loose, too
She wore lace collars on her clothes
Her slip was worn askew

She scuffed around in slippered feet
And loved her mode of dress
She hardly ever wore her teeth . . .
And loved that, too, I guess
Sometimes she wore a knitted shawl
And old sun-bonnet, too
I saw her smoke a corn-cob pipe
And cheek a little chew

That dreadful look of hand-rolled hose
Sets me a-shudder now
But she extolled their ease in wear
And rolled them anyhow
I won’t be like my Granny Jo
And roll my hose down, too
I won’t get old and dress like her
And wear that purple hue

My teeth won’t lie within a cup
Used only when I eat
I will not think it’s cool to wear
Clothing that’s obsolete
I lived with her for many years
And couldn’t love her more
But I won’t image Granny Jo
With tastes like those she wore

8/11/04 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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