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Grandma’s Gift

I have received requests to post family poetry.  Holly’s request came in first so this is the poem I wrote for my Christmas grandchild.






Grandma got a special gift

On Christmas Eve this year

And that is how it came to be

That Holly Noel is here


A precious little someone

(And beautiful, too)

With hair like strands of spun gold

And eyes of Heaven’s blue


Delicate little nose and ears

(Right where they should be)

A hint of a dimple in her chin

(A gift from Grandpa V)


Her tiny pink cherub mouth

Is mighty, mighty sweet

And a marvel of perfection

Are her wee hands and feet


There is no baby cuter

Nor will there ever be

She’s a Blue Ribbon Winner

As everyone can see


Because she’s nearly perfect

Someday it will be known

That she’s just a little Angel

With wings not yet grown


If I’d have ordered ahead of time

I’d have cast a magic spell

And ask for a Granddaughter  like

My precious Holly Noel


6/19/72    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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