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Christmas evening




It’s Christmas evening  in our farmhouse,           

With myself, children, dog, and my spouse.

The children are playing with their new toys,      

I know they are happy by all the noise.           


While out in the kitchen I toil away                  

At our dinner clean-up, (hugs are my pay).        

I’ll vac the tinsel and cookie crumbs, too,          

Without a complaint,’cause that’s what Moms do.


And I’ll do every chore, from the very start,                  

With happy contentment and song in my heart.   

For today we’re together – God’s blessed us all,   

And these are our treasures for later recall.            


Good food and warmth, and smiles on each face,   

Make me grateful to God for His infinite Grace.  

And the thing I like best, when all’s said and done, 

Is love, from Heaven, in the gift of His Son.   



12/17/94               Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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