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An ageless Ritual



They meet there almost every day

At the courthouse on the square

A group of aging kindred souls

With thinning snow-white hair


With denim shirts and galluses          

Straw hats and high-top shoes

They muse about their yesterdays

And current rural news


Some meet for chess or checker games

And others whittle sticks

Some just doze in the morning sun

Against the crumbling bricks


Tall tales are told and stories swapped

About their years of youth

They solve the world’s problems there

And often stretch the truth


The ritual of their gathering

Is crucial to their day

For they form deep bonds of friendship

As the hours tick away


It’s been the same for many years

This custom that they share

And time hasn’t changed the meetings

At the courthouse on the square



6/7/94 – Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck         


6’th … Indiana NPD 1994

4’th…. Indiana NPD 2002

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