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If I could just relive the past

I’d make some changes mighty fast

You know, that isn’t very strange

We’ve all done things we’d like to change


If that closed door would open wide

I’d start those changes once inside

I’d spread my love just everywhere

To let all know how much I care


I’d greet you with a friendly smile

And really mean it all the while

I’d help you when you needed me

And treat your feelings tenderly


I’d aid each truly worthy cause

And lend a hand, without a pause

I’d spend more time with family

To foster more camaraderie


I wouldn’t leave a chore undone

Yet, I’d make room to have some fun

But there’s no way to live life o’er

Or change the past that went before


Yet, I can make some changes now

By making sure to keep this vow

I’ll turn my life around tonight

And pray that I’ll then do things right.


3/9/90            Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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          LOOKING BACK


In looking back, man’s sure to say,

It never should have been that way.

I’ve made mistakes, some large, some small,

I’d hesitate to list them all.

I truly wish there had been none,

But I can’t change what has been done.

And I fear that if I lived life o’er

I’d do the same as I did before.


Now that really isn’t very strange,

It’s just that people seldom change.


3/16/75         Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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